Carpet tiles – so far – have consistently drawn commercial centers—thanks to their durability and cost-efficiency. However, with the introduction of stunning designs to this brilliant mix (durability and cost-efficiency), today, we have more and more homeowners opting for floor carpet tiles as well. Anyone looking forward to installing these options in residential or commercial areas must be aware of the fact that they need to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis in order to enhance durability and performance. Provided below are ways in which you can keep carpet tiles in their topmost condition.

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How to maintain carpet tiles

Regardless of whether you’re installing carpet tiles bangalore or for that matter any other flooring option – you should be careful enough to resort to a comprehensive maintenance. And by comprehensive cleaning, we not only mean regular vacuuming but yearly “professional” cleaning as well. Let’s have a look at ways in which you should maintain your carpet tiles.

Basic Cleaning

At the heart of the basic cleaning regime is regular vacuuming. It is crucial to the long life of commercial carpet tiles. Contrary to what is popularly believed, you cannot really expect your floor tiles to last long if you’re just vacuuming it carelessly once or twice every day. Make sure that you are slow vacuuming it to ensure that you’re duly getting rid of loose particles and debris.

Quick vacuuming – at times – isn’t sufficient when it comes to dealing with loose dirt. If left unattended to – loose dirt can actually cause significant damage to fibers – thereby adversely affecting the life of tiles.

Do make sure that regular maintenance entails the following measures:

  • Dealing with spills immediately
  • Rinsing affected regions after using water-based solvents
  • Removal of coffee stains with warm mild detergent
  • Removal of ink with water

Invest in Barrier Mats


If you are investing in carpet installation, make sure you’re investing in barrier mats as well. These barrier mats placed right at the door, will ensure that the dirt from outside will not really be carried inside as visitors and employees step on your carpet tiles. Do make sure that you are cleaning your mat as well. If you are not doing that, then the mats will eventually become saturated with dirt. It means that your carpet tiles aren’t protected anymore as well.     

Acquaint yourself with ways to get rid of different types of stains


Please remember that not all types of stains are the same. They need different methods of cleaning as well. For instance, the way you would treat blood stain on the carpet will not really be the same when it comes to treating chewing gum on the same. Once you see chewing gum on the carpet tile, you should drop an ice cube over the same and once it’s frozen you can scrape the entire residue together.


Blood stains should be dealt with by cold water and a solution prepared by mixing liquid detergent and half a pint of water.

Last but not the least, do make sure that you are investing in annual professional cleaning. You might have compared the carpet flooring prices thoroughly before buying one of them. However, please don’t forget that even if you have opted for the most expensive option out there, you can’t really expect desirable durability if you’re not investing in yearly deep cleaning services.